Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon, I am 23 and live in Hampshire, England.

Me and my husband have been together 4 and a half years, happily married for 2 and a half years. We have a 3 year old daughter, and a 1 year old son.

Over time I will be posting about a number of things, mainly including; The Music Industry, My product, inspiration & positive vibes, mental and physical health.

I will also be posting about the journeys’, achievements and goals of some of my amazing Members!

Why Become A Member?

I am currently in the process of a new product for wheelchair users!

The product is for wheelchair users who love, or would love, to get out and about no matter what the weather is like! So if you are a user yourself, a carer for a user, or just know someone who you think could benefit from this product, make sure you follow me and become a Member!

Also, if you use a wheelchair when outside please do my quick and simple survey, no personal details required! Every response is really appreciated.

l’d also be very grateful if you could like & share this!

Kind regards,

Shannon Noakes


Trademark & Prototype..

Go Fund Me..

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